About Ippin

Ippin is an online shopping mall for Japanese products. Our merchants ship food, fashion items, cosmetics & beauty products, baby & kids products, electronics, hobby goods, and more from their locations in Japan directly to your doorstep.

6 Reasons to Shop at Ippin

  1. 1. Japan Quality

    Japan is world-famous for her durable, high-quality products. These days, there are not only “Made in Japan” products but also “Designed in Japan” products, which are made overseas but with Japanese quality control oversight, and “Popular in Japan” products, which are designed for the Japanese market. Ippin brings these, the best of Japan, to your doorstep.

  2. 2. Trustworthy Japanese Sellers

    Every shop that is on Ippin has been vetted and undergoes an on-going monitoring process so that you do not have to deal with fraudulent merchants. Only Japanese sellers that have been vetted and approved can sell their items on Ippin.

  3. 3. Large Variety of Products

    Ippin is working with small and large Japanese manufacturers and merchants alike. This is so that we can bring you the widest selection of Japanese products in the world — from the world-renown to the most local, from the mass-produced to the hand-made, from the well-known to the obscure.

  4. 4. Effortless Shopping

    Too many Japanese websites are cluttered and difficult to navigate. We keep things simple and make things easier. Also, shop in your preferred language, pay in your local currency, and return defective products easily. Shopping on Ippin is effortless.

  5. 5. Safe & Secure Platform

    It is not just your credit card information that needs to be kept safe when you shop online. Ippin takes a multifaceted approach when it comes your security and privacy so that you can shop worry-free. We have site-wide encryption, a secure payment system, and email address & usage data cloaking to keep you safe while you shop.

  6. 6. Direct Delivery from Japan

    All orders are delivered directly from sellers’ warehouses in Japan to you. This way you get the newest stock, avoid problems with expiry dates on perishable items like food and cosmetics, and get around the risk of receiving imitations and counterfeit goods all at once.

Connecting Japan to You

The Ippin team comprises merchant coordinators, marketers, designers, and translators who have lived and worked all across the globe. They have spent time not only in major cities like Shanghai and New York City, but also in places less familiar to most Japanese people—Amstelveen, Bursa, and Córdoba, just to name a few. This experience allows Ippin to bring an international eye on what Japan has to offer the world: quality, durability, reliability, and an uncompromising attention to detail.

We not only help our merchants overcome language barriers. We also help them understand and enter unfamiliar markets. This means that you, in return, need not bother with the hassle of translation websites and proxy shippers in order to get what you need from Japan.

Our Mission

Ippin's mission is to bring the widest selection of Japanese products to your doorstep, and by doing so, bring Japan to the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Asia’s No. 1 E-Commerce Company.

C-Connect Corporation

About our Parent Company

Ippin is part of C-Connect Corporation. Founded in 2009, we have expanded from a small team of 2 to a staff of more than 60 Japanese and international members in Tokyo and Osaka in a little over 7 years. The “C" in "C-Connect" stands for how our Company will Creatively Challenge ourselves to Create for and Contribute to our Country, Community, and Culture.

C-Connect also operates Japan’s Number One printer ink retailing store, Ink-revolution.com, and nunona, a leading manufacturer of organic cotton sanitary products for women in Japan, among others. 75% of all transactions on our websites are from repeating customers, compared to the nationwide industry average of 35%. This stands testimony to the standard of service we provide.