Japanese Candy Kits: Fun DIY, Delicious Snack, or Both?

You’re surely heard of the famous Japanese DIY mini-food-making kits - they have been all over YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media in the last couple of years. The concept is rather simple – you get a box with a few sachets of dehydrated candy powder, that you’re supposed to mix with water and use the molds in the tray provided to shape them into different foods. Some more advanced kits even require microwaving and even baking the composition, so as to make it feel more like real food. They are certainly fun to make, and they’re particularly popular with little kids and families with kids. You don’t get to eat a lot of candy, but you get to make your own candy – sound like a way to keep the children busy on a Sunday morning!


However, you have to know where to find these candy kits before getting too excited about them. No worries, because you can easily buy all of these variations online on Ippin:

Sushi Bar Candy Kit

Nothing screams “Japanese food’ quite like sushi, does it? Now you can try your hand at making your own sushi – but a sweeter version of them, with vanilla and strawberry, flavored candy instead of tuna and egg. Our favorite part about this one is the fish roe – you mix a thick orange syrup and use a dripping tool to create tiny droplets that harden when exposed to cold water. You won’t even be able to tell the difference between these candies and the real thing!

Ramen Making Candy Kit

Yet another representative Japanese food is ramen, and it was only a matter of time until we saw a tiny DIY candy version of it as well. This package allows you to mix your own ‘broth,’ make your own side of gyoza dumplings (with the actual filling!), and the best part, your own ramen noodles. You have to squeeze the candy paste through a tiny bag to create one big and super thin candy noodle.

Kids’ Lunch Candy Kit

Teach the little ones about a balanced diet using candy! Thought it’s impossible? Just watch them put together a pile of seasoned rice, meatballs, an omelet, a fried tempura shrimp, and of course, vegetables, all from delicious and juicy Japanese candy.

Bento Candy Kit

This one can be an educational experience for adults as well. Find out what the Japanese usually put in their lunch boxes, and that’s a few rice balls, and several sides to go with them. This kit includes rice balls as well, one of which sports a cute panda face, an octopus-shaped wiener, broccoli, and a little bit of spaghetti. Luckily, they taste nothing like the real thing – but are still delicious candy on their own.


Takoyaki Candy Kit

Takoyaki is a popular Japanese street food, which is nothing else but fried battered octopus dumplings. However, you need a special pan with round molds in order to make them, and that can cost you quite a bit more than a Takoyaki Candy Kit. The kit comes with its own pan-shaped tray, as well as a sachet of ‘batter,’ and one of ‘sauce.’

Cake Shop Candy Kit

If you fancy something that not only tastes sweeter but also looks the part, try a cake shop DIY Candy kit! This particular one comes with adorable-looking waffle cones, something that resembles a tart crust, and a few layers of cake. You have to make your own icings and filling – and decorate them with the sprinkles provided. Congratulations, now you have your own kawaii sweets shop!

Neri Candy Kit

The Neri Candy kit is a more ‘abstract’ DIY project, as in you have all the creative liberty to yourself. The kit offers you five different flavors and colors of candy, and it’s up to you to shape them into whatever you like. Kind of like edible Play-Doh – but make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before getting started.

Gummy Land Candy Kit

This is another very creative approach to DIY candy – the tray is shaped kind of like a painter’s pallette, and you have five different color gummy bases that you can mix and match to create your own unique colors. After you’re satisfied with your colors, it’s time to fill in the big shape on the tray – in most kits, it’s an animal shape, like a horse or fish. You’re free to make whatever patterns you want using the colors you created – from simple stripes to polka dots or even a marble texture.

As you can see, the Japanese candy industry is working hard to make these kits as fun and as educative as possible. Although they’re mostly targeted towards children, they can be a great relaxing activity to indulge in on your own, on a free afternoon. Now to mention what adorable picture you’d be able to take for your Instagram feed!