How Can Japanese Beauty Electronics Change Your Beauty Game?

Beauty gadgets have been in the market for several decades, but unlike the early machines, modern beauty electronics can do wonders, and the great thing is you can have them in the comfort of your home. The advanced Japanese beauty industry has collaborated with their superior electronic know-how to produce a wide range of beauty electronics that are efficient and safe for home use. They branch from face electronic brushes to radio frequency (RF) devices for wrinkle treatment.


Electronic face brushes offer more effective cleansing experience than cleansing with your hands or using a manual face brush. These brushes can deeply cleanse wide or blocked pores. They also act as exfoliators and brighten dull-looking skin. The Japanese industry offers high quality, effective and reasonably priced brushes. You can check out Iberis electric wash brush for face and eyes, which is perfect for deep cleansing. However, you should note that electronic face brushes are not suitable for people who suffer from eczema and thin or sensitive skin. You should also limit your use to two times per week.

Wrinkle treatment is very important in Japan. Therefore, the Japanese research continues to work for finding a solution for this concern, which everybody will sooner or later experience. Among the latest developments is the RF tightening technology, which is a non-invasive technique used to treat wrinkles and tighten sagging skin.

While beauty creams and derma-rollers offer low to moderate firming effects, the results of RF technology are faster and more noticeable. It can be considered the best available non-surgical option for skin tightening. Moreover, it is an easier alternative for those who do not wish to undergo plastic surgeries, but still, want to get significant improvements.


YAMAN HRF-10T photo plus is a brilliant example of the Japanese development in RF technology. It is a beauty device developed to treat aging skin using both RF and electric muscle stimulation (EMS) technologies. This device helps rejuvenate the skin because it uses a very advanced type of RF to heat up and penetrate deeper layers of the skin compared to other RF devices. This deep penetration not only stimulates the collagen production but also effectively cleans pores and enhances the absorbance of skincare products. In addition, it combines the benefits of RF with those of EMS, which improves the skin elasticity by stimulating the facial muscles.

Heated beauty rollers are another option to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion. They work by messaging while slightly heating the skin. This technique results in an instant muscle pain relief. In addition, with the continuous use of the device, it firms and smooths the skin. Panasonic electric heated beauty roller EH-SP32-S offers these benefits for both face and body.


Another Japanese hidden gem that you might have never heard about before is the Panasonic Eyelash Curlers (Panasonic eyelash curler eH-SE50P-N and Panasonic eyelash curler natural curl EH-SE10P-N). These lash curlers use a wand or comb similar to that of a mascara that heats up to help lifting and curling your lashes.

Finally, although home beauty electronics are generally safe, it is very important to consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment. You should also choose a well-designed and manufactured device, and you must very carefully follow the instructions stated by the manufacturer.