6 Japanese Makeup Brands That You Did Not Know About

Most of us are familiar with Japanese skincare products, and some have found among them the products they cannot live without. Personally, I cannot live without the DHC deep cleansing oil. However, fewer people know Japanese makeup. In fact, Japan has some of the best makeup products in the market, and some of the most popular skincare brands have their own makeup lines. So, here we introduce you to 6 Japanese makeup brands you may have never heard about before.



This high-end brand was launched in 1992 by Kanebo Cosmetics with a focus on skincare. However, in 2007, they launched their first makeup line, and it is currently one of the most popular Japanese makeup brands. They are well known for their foundations, powders, and bases, such as the Lissage beauté shiny veil.


Founded in 1999, this brand is currently one of the most luxurious brands in the Japanese market. Their concept in Ex:beaute is that every woman should have a “skin of an actress.” They are famous for their foundations, such as Ex:beaute vision foundation liquid mat type, that give you flawless skin and conceal all types of skin imperfections, while moisturizing and protecting the skin.


The brand name is inspired by “luna,” which means moon in Latin and “sol,” which means sun. Their concept is to “purify” the skin and spirit of women to make her a new, or as they call it “refined woman.” This brand offers high-quality makeup in stunning, very luxurious packaging. It is well known for the high quality of its powder makeup (powders, eyeshadows, and blushes). One of their most popular products is the Lunasol eyeshadow skin modeling eyes



Especially formulated for sensitive skin, Acseine offers a wide range of makeup products. They started in the 1970s with medical foundations that protect people with sensitive skin from getting allergies by avoiding the inclusion of any harmful or skin irritating substances, such as fragrances, in their ingredients. They are one of the first companies that adopted this concept, and their perfect veil (PV) technology is based on preventing the pigment, which is one of the main reasons for allergies caused by makeup products, from being in direct contact with the skin. A smart way to try their products is by getting the Acseine all-day clear bright base to form a barrier between your skin and the rest of your makeup.


Mimura is a newly founded brand that was launched in 2015 with the aim of promoting women natural beauty. In Mimura, they use high quality, gentle ingredients in their products. The brand is best known for its bestselling product MIMURA ss (smooth skin) cover, which has won several beauty awards in Japan.


SK-II is internationally known for its superior skincare products. It is one of the top skincare brands in the world, and it is difficult to find a beauty junkie who did not try at least one of SK-II products, but did you know that it also has a makeup line that offers various high-quality foundations and bases? In SK-II, they want women to achieve a perfect look while protecting their skin. One of their most popular makeup products is SK-II clear beauty care & control cream, which can either be used as a makeup primer or a CC cream.