Hibiki 17 – The pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship

The Japanese are renowned for their deep appreciation and reverence of art, nature, and aesthetics. Such values come to the fore in their respect for traditional craftsmanship, of the skills passed on through the generations by highly trained artisans and the unique artworks that they create. While many traditional crafts remain, the opening up of Japan during the last century has allowed for the adoption of foreign practices, engendering some quite amazing cultural fusions, and new twists upon old classics.

Nowhere more is this true than in a bottle of the Japanese whisky Hibiki 17. Seductive yet elegant, it represents the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship, a painstakingly actualized synthesis of diverse arts, combining both the traditional and the modern, the exotic and the familiar. The Hibiki Suntory whisky range pairs the techniques of Scottish whisky distilleries with the passion and dedication of Japanese craftsmen to create a world-beating whisky that screams sophistication.


The conception of a classic

Hibiki Suntory whisky was conceived in 1987 by Master Blender Keizo Saji as a way of showcasing the techniques that had been developed at the company. One million casks of aged Suntory malt whisky were sampled by Saji's Chief Blender Koichi Inatomi before they together chose upon no fewer than thirty whiskies, each selected for the distinctive flavors and aromas that it would bring to the blend.

And so, in 1989, Hibiki Suntory whisky was born. A unique combination of malt whiskies from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries expertly blended with mellow grain whiskies from the Chita distillery, it has since gone on to become Japan's most acclaimed and awarded blended whisky. And none more so than the exquisite Hibiki 17, the product of nearly two decades of craftsmanship and patient anticipation, it is today one of the most sought-after and exclusive whiskies in the world.


Meticulous design at every level

Each day, the Master Blender at Suntory tastes more than 300 different whiskies, selecting from samples aged in a variety of different casks; from ex-Sherry to the wood of the Japanese Oak Mizunara, each contributes its own unique flavors and aromas. The attention to detail does not end there, however. A drink of such refinement requires an equally dignified vessel to contain it, and the stylish, handsome bottle of the Hibiki 17 epitomizes Japanese aesthetic, tying it to centuries of history and tradition.

The noble color of deep purple encircles the neck of the Hibiki 17 bottle, marrying beautifully with the black cherry notes rising from within. Twenty-four faces make up the body of the bottle, each representing a season from the old Japanese lunar calendar, and thus the passage of time – equally apt for a whisky 17 years in the making. Ornate Japanese calligraphy then adorns the handcrafted label, proudly declaring the contents within – 17 Years Old Hibiki Suntory Whisky.


Sweet summer fruits

And what a whisky it is. Hibiki 17 has a nose that offers fruity notes of melon, peach and apricot, interspersed with the floral scents of the lily, rose and lemon leaf. Cherry and vanilla continue the fruity, floral theme upon the palate, combined with a rich toffee and the welcome influence of the Mizunara. The fruity sweetness lingers on the finish, with a satisfying lychee aftertaste.

When you buy a bottle of the Japanese whisky Hibiki 17, you are not just purchasing one of the greatest tasting whiskies on the face of the planet today - what you are purchasing is two decades worth of craftsmanship. Hibiki 17 is a whisky to be savored, to be collected, to be displayed proudly for all to see. Become the proud owner, savorer, and exhibitor of your own bottle today by ordering this difficult-to-find Japanese whisky. Hibiki 17 is available for delivery to select countries around the world via the online Japanese marketplace, Ippin.

Awards won by the Hibiki 17 Year

ISC GOLD 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016