The No.1 Sake Prefecture of Japan - FUKUSHIMA!

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Famous sake brewing region Fukushima is proud to be the first in history to win the most Gold Prizes in the over 100 year-old Japan Sake Awards for 7 consecutive years.

Fukushima’s sake has made remarkable progress, as its quality is being highly evaluated in domestic as well as famous overseas competitions such as the IWC (International Wine Challenge), IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition), and CMB (SAKE selection).

Now 11 of these Fukushima breweries will start selling their sake through Ippin mall!

Daishichi Brewery

Daishichi prizes sake that embodies shared universal values for a brewed alcoholic drink. The brewery aims to win recognition for sake made in the traditional “kimoto” method as the best Japanese sake of all. “Kimoto Umeshu Gokujo-hin” is the super-premium plum wine that Daishichi has devoted all its efforts into making. They use only top-quality Nankou plums from Japan’s main plum growing region Kishu with traditional, pure junmai daiginjo sake in this domestic and internationally awarded sake.


NINKI, INC. is a new brewery built by professionals who have been engaged in sake making for many years. They specialize in premium ginjo sake, refusing to produce lower grade “futsushu” (regular table sake). The brewery even obsesses over their original “Ninki-Ichi Daiginjo” bottle design which is engraved with the beauty of the four seasons. It has won the Monde Selection’s Grand Gold Award for 10 consecutive years.

Daitengu Brewery

The origins of the company name Daitengu Brewery are very interesting. “A worker performing warehouse operations changed jobs to making sake. When he opened two baskets left unattended “tengu” (a long-nosed birdlike goblin from Japanese folklore) masks appeared. Believing this to be a blessing from the gods, they were used as lucky charms for sake making. The brewery then adopted the name “Daitengu” (“Great Tengu”).” “Daitengu Daiginjo” is the only sake that comes in a tengu-shaped bottle.

Sasanokawa Brewery

In addition to its representative sake “Sasanokawa”, Sasanokawa Brewery is proud to produce an extensive variety of beverages such as shochu, liqueur, and spirits, and to be the Tohoku region’s only craft whisky maker. "Daiginjo Genshu Kaisei" is a top-quality refined and refreshing sake featuring a good ginjo aroma and well-balanced rich aftertaste.

Homare Brewery

Homare Brewery is a sake brewery that strictly controls the whole process of sake making from the selection of ingredients to storage. As evidence of its pursuit for the highest quality sake, Homare’s “Junmai Ginjo Karahashi Yamadanishiki” was awarded a Gold Medal and trophy in the Ginjo category of the International Wine Challenge in 2017.

Yumegokoro Brewery

As a sake brewery located in Kitakata City, Yumegokoro Brewery aims to produce only authentic Kitakata craft sake. With local rice, yeast, water, and hands of local townspeople, a “100% local” style of sake was born. The various flavors produced according to the manufacturing method are branded under the name “Naraman.”

Yamatogawa Brewery

Earnestly pursuing authenticity, and having the courage to take on the challenge of being viewed by the world, Yamatogawa Brewery, established in 1790, is a brewery which is particular about the rice it uses for brewing sake. “Junmai Ginjo Yauemon” is a sake made with special sake rice grown by brewery workers, and features a gorgeous aroma with a thick, rich-umami flavor.

  • Junmaidaiginjo Yauemon

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  • Junmaiginjo Yauemon

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  • Bandai Brewery

    Bandai Brewery is making sake the old-fashioned method which is quite difficult for a large-scale sake brewery. "Jotanbo Tokubetsu Junmai” is a type of sake with a rich-umami taste suitable to dishes with plenty of umami (such as meat). Also, Bandai Brewery works perfectly for sake cocktails, such as one made with local apple juice for its main ingredient.

    Suehiro Brewery

    Suehiro Brewery approaches sake with a simple and deep desire to produce "delicious sake" at its two breweries; the traditional-style Kaei Brewery and the state-of-the-art facility Hakase Brewery. "Densho Yamahai Junmai Suehiro” is a well-balanced sake with a mix of both dry and sweet, made from a traditional process handed down from the end of the Meiji period.

    Kokken Brewery

    Kokken Brewery awarded a Gold Prize for 11 consecutive years in the Japan Sake Awards which is not only famous for its emphasis on traditional sake making, but also for its label design. “Junmai Tefu” (“tefu” is an old Japanese word for “butterfly”) has a mild and refined taste, and is suitable to lightly flavored dishes.

    Nekka LLC

    In Tadami Town, which was certified as a UNESCO Global Geopark, Nekka grows rice to brew rice shochu with the goal to “Create the world’s best rice shochu for Japanese cuisine.” That effort was realized when “Komeshochu Nekka” (Rice Shochu Nekka) was awarded a gold medal in the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition shochu category in 2018 and a silver medal for the second consecutive year in the International Wine & Spirit Competition shochu category.

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